PulseView and FM/MFM Decoder

The sigrok project is a cross-platform, open source signal analysis software suite that supports various device types such as logic analyzers and oscilloscopes. PulseView is a Qt based GUI for sigrok. Protocol decoders for over 100 signal types are already available for PulseView, and custom decoders can easily be written using the Python language.

I wrote an FM/MFM decoder for PulseView to decode and display captured raw analog and digital data from floppy disks. The digital data could be captured by connecting a logic analyzer to the Read Data line of the floppy disk interface, or analog and digital data can be captured by my UFDR program and its matching custom hardware.

This was my first ever attempt at programming in Python.

(Click on a picture for a larger version.)
Complete track, decoded details. (56-57KB .png)

FM/MFM decoder for PulseView, user instructions, sample files.
(1.97MB .zip)

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