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The ST-2900 ST-MON 2.04 monitor program is software provided in a 2732 EPROM that the 6809 microprocessor starts executing after powerup or a reset. It initializes the hardware, performs self-diagnostics, provides various I/O routines, and has commands to view/search/move/fill/modify/test memory, and to boot the FLEX or OS-9 operating systems from floppy disk.

ST-MON 2.04 features:

The original release of ST-MON was version 1.01, which was supplied in a 2716 EPROM. It lacked the ability to boot OS-9, and serial port A was configured at a fixed 9600bps.

One of my customers modified ST-MON by adding various debugging features, and gave me permission to distribute their version. Refer to disk image below.

A planned future revision to ST-MON will allow it to boot FLEX and (Nitr)OS-9 directly from the Flash-Disk on the new ST-2900 NVRAM/RTC board, or from a DriveWire host, eliminating the need to have any floppy disk drives attached to the ST-2900.

ST-2900 ST-MON 2.04 User's Manual.
(2.8MB .pdf scanned image)
Other notes for ST-2900 ST-MON 2.04. Includes addendum/errata to the manual, etc.
(not available yet)
(??KB .txt)
DSK image (35T/SS/SD FLEX format) of source code and binary of ST-2900 ST-MON 2.04.
(not available yet)
(??KB .zip)
DSK image (35T/SS/SD FLEX format) of source code of debugging version of ST-MON.
(not available yet)
(??KB .zip)

"FLEX" was a trademark of Technical System Consultants (TSC).
"OS-9" is a registered trademark of Microware LP.

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