Sardis Technologies ST-2900 FDC Board

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The ST-2900 FDC board is an expansion board that plugs into the ST-2900 CPU board to provide parallel ports and a floppy disk controller.

The parallel ports can also connect to other adapter boards to provide additional functionality.

FDC board features:

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Pictures of bare boards (1MB .jpg), and assembled boards (540-560KB .jpg).

ST-2900 FDC Assembly Instructions and User's Manual.
(4.3MB .pdf scanned image)
Other notes for the ST-2900 FDC board. Includes addendum and errata to the manual, etc.
(not available yet)
(??KB .pdf scanned image)
Centronics Parallel Printer Driver board that connects to one of the FDC board's parallel ports.
SASI hard disk drive adapter board that connects to the FDC board's two parallel ports.
SCSI hard disk drive adapter board that installs into the FDC board's prototyping area.

NVRAM/RTC adapter board (non-volatile 1MB SRAM-Disk, 16MB Flash-Disk, real-time clock) that plugs into the FDC board's parallel port P2.

"FLEX" was a trademark of Technical System Consultants (TSC).
"OS-9" is a registered trademark of Microware LP.

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