Tiny Altimeters

Sardis Technologies is pleased to announce some of the
smallest recording altimeters in the world! *

Small: ALTG-450x1000-USB

Smaller: ALT2430G-460x720

Even smaller: ALT2430G-365x485

Smallest: ALT2430G-290x310

USB communication module: USB-HalfWire-03

Pressure sensor plug-in to MSP430 LaunchPad: LaunchPad-MS5607

* (Unfortunately none of these products are available yet, and probably never will
 be. Some of these designs are over 10 years old. There are newer altimeters on
 the market from other people that have features mine don't, so my devices wouldn't
 sell enough units to make it worthwhile manufacturing them. Also, my host software
 was written in Visual Basic 6 (VB6) for Microsoft Windows only (not macOS or Linux),
 and Microsoft dropped support for VB6 years ago. I'm reluctant to spend the time it
 would take to completely rewrite the host software in another language. Instead, I will
 probably eventually just post the schematics and PCB layouts, and maybe the source
 code for the microcontroller firmware and VB6 software, in the hope that someone will
 find them useful, or at least interesting.)

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