• Required by the ALT2430G-290x310, ALT2430G-365x485,
    and ALT2430G-460x720 altimeters to allow the host
    software to communicate with them to erase, arm,
    download, update, etc.
  • USB port uses any standard USB Micro-B cable
  • Bright red LEDs for power and communication
  • Low power drain from USB port (10mA typical)
    to allow use with smartphones and tablet computers
  • Includes 6" (150mm) cable to connect to the
  • Conformal coating for protection
  • 4-layer PCB for better EMI immunity
  • USB port has extra ESD protection to enhance
  • (Model name, specifications, and prices are
    only preliminary and subject to change)
  • (Not yet available for sale -- refer to notes.)


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