image of top side of PCB layout of ALT2430G-460x720 board

  • One of the smallest recording altimeters
  • Tiny: 0.46" x 0.72" (11.7 x 18.3mm)
  • Only weighs 1.7g (with battery)
  • Fits into 13mm tubes
  • Bright red LED
  • 3-pin connector for bidirectional communication
    or telemetry
  • Firmware is field upgradeable by user
  • Can be used in model rockets, weather
    balloons, kites, model airplanes, etc.
  • Measures up to 100,000 ft. (30.5km) MSL
  • Resolution is 8" (20cm) at sea level
  • Very low power: 150µA (average) @ 3V
    (depends on sample rate)
  • Uses readily available CR1220 coin cell
    (in battery holder on bottom side)
  • Records air pressure and temperature
  • Data compression to increase recording
    capacity (typically 2500 samples)
  • User selectable startup delay, launch detect
    altitude, sample rate, etc.
  • Recorded data is non-volatile, and only erased
    when explicitly requested (not from accidental
    loss of power due to intermittent connection)
  • Contest directors will appreciate the tamper-
    resistant downloaded data file that includes
    byte-for-byte verification of the firmware version
  • Includes host software for MS Windows; version
    for Android planned for future
  • Conformal coating for protection
  • 4-layer PCB for better EMI immunity
  • Requires USB-HalfWire communication module
    (available separately) to erase, arm, download,
    update, etc.
  • (Model name, specifications, and prices are
    only preliminary and subject to change)
  • (Not yet available for sale -- refer to notes.)


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