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The 6809-Tiny6 is a 6809E/6309E single board computer (SBC) in only 6 square inches!

6809-Tiny6 features:

This board is probably the smallest possible for the features provided when using thru-hole devices (or sockets). In order to achieve the small size I placed some components on the bottom side.

I had hoped to entirely avoid any surface mount components, but the PCB manufacturing service I used for the prototype, ExpressPCB's 4 Layer MiniBoardPro Service, only allowed 350 holes, and my layout had 370. In order to eliminate some holes I replaced two 8-pin thru-hole resistor SIPs with eight 0805 SMT resistors, and a thru-hole pushbutton switch with an SMT version. It now has exactly 350 holes.

There were a few other features I would have liked to add to the board, but every pin on the CPLD is already used, and I didn't want to use a larger CPLD for this board. The ATF750C CPLD is a perfect fit for this design, in terms of numbers of pins, speed, and available package. Unfortunately, most low-cost device programmers don't support the ATF750C, only more expensive programmers such as the Xeltek SuperPro, eeTools ChipMax2, and Dataman 40Pro Universal ISP Programmer.

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Tentative board layout.

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