Positron 9000 -- 6809 Computer

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The Positron 9000 computer ..... in England.

Positron 9000 features:

Refer to the pictures and ROM dumps. I counted approx. 184 ICs on the huge main PCB and another 90 on the large keyboard PCB. That totals 274 ICs! It must have been very expensive to manufacture this computer.

It uses from 1 to 8 of the Motorola MC6829 Memory Management Unit (MMU) chips, which Motorola never put into volume production. The MC6829 app note makes for some interesting reading.

Thank you to Mike Miller who pointed me to information on this very rare computer.

More information:
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price shown as 2134, also mention of Positron 900
Also mentioned on page 131 in the book "6809 Machine Code Programming" by David Barrow
Viewdata and Prestel, types of videotex in the UK (similar ideas as Telidon in Canada)

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