Other 6809 Computers

There were other 6809-based single board computers that appeared around the time I was finishing the design of the ST-2900. Some were quite large and included video circuitry and other features. But the Peripheral Technology PT-69, which was only 50% larger than my CPU board, was probably the main competition for the ST-2900.

6809 Single Board Computers that could run FLEX and/or OS-9:

If you have information on any other 6809-based computer that included at least 48KB RAM, one or more serial and parallel ports, and a floppy disk controller, on only 1 or 2 boards (that did not require a backplane/motherboard), and that was available before September 1984, please let me know, so I can add it to this page.

Other interesting 6809 CPU boards and computers:

"FLEX" was a trademark of Technical System Consultants (TSC).
"OS-9" is a registered trademark of Microware LP.

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