Microbox II 6809 Single Board Computer

The Microbox II single board computer was a product of Micro Concepts in England, and was designed by Dave Rumball.

The Microbox II featured:

At first the only information I could find on the Microbox II (MB2) was from an ad in '68' Micro Journal on page 56 in the March 1986 issue. But in March 2020 a member of the SS50 & SS30 Computer Bus Chat Facebook group page posted a picture of his Microbox II, and another member pointed me to additional information. Just a few weeks later I found another Microbox II owner in South Africa who has documented his board. Thanks Jarmo and Nadim and Wouter! Additional information has now also been posted to Dave Rumball's MB2 GitHub page.

The Microbox II was featured in a series of articles in the UK edition of Electronics Today International (ETI) magazine:

Philippe Roehr has recently re-created the PCB layout of the Microbox II, with a few enhancements, and is making the Gerber files available if someone wants to build a new board.

Several decades after designing the Microbox II (MB2), Dave Rumball has done it again with the MB2K2, a tiny 80mm x 80mm board with custom hardware and software that aims be a complete emulation of the MB2 to the point of running the original’s software without modifications. Most of the individual LSI chips in the MB2 are emulated by one of the 16 RISC cores in the XMOS XU216 SoC (System on a Chip). The emulated 6809 processor runs at approx. 8 MHz. The 'MON09' monitor ROM includes FlexNet drivers and commands to mount remote drives, so it's possible to boot and run completely from remote disk images, as well as using the on-chip PROMdisk and RAMdisk. More information can be obtained from his MB2K2 GitHub page. Dave also has information on the MB2, MB2K, MB3, and Image10 in his Microbox GitHub archive.

(Click on a picture for a larger version.)

icon to link to photo of Microbox II board
Picture of top side (168KB .jpg).

icon to link to DSK image file of UK 68 Micro Group disks for Microbox II UK 68 Micro Group disks for the Microbox II.
(3 .dsk files in 40T/SS/SD FLEX format, 80KB .zip)

"FLEX" was a trademark of Technical System Consultants (TSC).

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