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The Creative Micro Systems (CMS) 9639 was a high-performance 6809 processor card for the Motorola EXORbus. It was designed specifically to run Microware's OS-9/6809 Level II operating system with minimal overhead, to maximize performance.

CMS 9639 features:

The CMS 9639 had similar capabilities as the SS-50 bus GMX 6809 CPU III from GIMIX. (I suspect it also had a similar high price -- one price list showed the GMX 6809 CPU III with OS-9-GMX III at U$1698.01 in 1984!)

I don't remember who gave me a copy of the CMS 9639 documentation many years ago. Since it was a photocopy of a photocopy, some of the scanned image is unfortunately a bit difficult to read. Also, the logic in the three PAL chips (U22-PAL20L10, U23-PAL16L6, U32-PAL20L10) is not documented in this manual. (But I am in contact with someone who purchased a CMS 9639 in 2019. Since these PAL chips are just combinatorial logic, not registered, it should be possible for him to eventually determine the logic by applying various combinations of inputs to each chip and monitoring the outputs, then using logic minimization algorithms (such as used by Logic Friday) to extract the logic.)

The EPROM on the CMS 9639 was used to boot OS-9 Level II, and contains the "Boot" and "OS9p1" modules specific to this hardware configuration -- see below. The OS9p1 module includes the code that manipulates the DAT/MMU on the 9639. Two people have started to disassemble this ROM image:
Eric's disassembly
Søren's disassembly

If anyone has found an advertisement or press release for the 9639, or has a user manual or any other documentation for it, or an OS-9 boot disk, please contact me so I can update this page. (I did find a small black&white ad for it in Electronics Design magazine.)

Creative Micro Systems also sold many other boards for the EXORbus.

In 2019 I found someone who was using a CMS system in 1990. It was running OS-9 Level 2, so am guessing it used the CMS 9639 CPU board. It also had 192KB RAM, 2 serial ports, a Wyse 50 terminal, an 80 track floppy disk drive, and a 10 MB hard drive. He told me he still has this system!! But it is in storage, and he hasn't yet found time to access it. I'm hoping he has user manuals for it that we can scan, and that maybe it still works, so we could make a copy of the OS-9 boot file.

icon to link to photo of CMS 9639 board CMS 9639 Rev B color photo.
(653KB .jpg)
icon to link to CMS 9639 specifications and schematics CMS 9639 Rev A specifications and schematics (handwritten annotations are mine).
(4.3MB PDF scanned image)
icon to link to CMS 9639 boot ROM image CMS 9639 OS-9 Level II boot ROM image.
(1 binary image, address map, 4KB .zip)
icon to link to Microware OS-9 Level Two System Designers Guide Microware OS-9 Level Two System Designer's Guide (handwritten annotations are mine).
(5.2MB PDF scanned image)

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