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Creative Micro Systems (CMS) was a company based in California USA that sold various 6800 and 6809 based computer boards and systems for the EXORbus, especially for industrial control. They were located in Los Alamitos CA, or at other times in Westminster CA or Garden Grove CA.

CMS was started by Peter and Elaine Prossen in November 1976, and some information I found indicated the company probably ceased operation in early 2004. Peter Prossen told me the very interesting story of how the company got started to commercialize a computerized control system he had developed for irrigating his avocado orchard. This system significantly reduced water consumption at a time when the cost of water was increasing. He also told me that Microware used several CMS computer systems to develop OS-9.

CMS sold an extensive range of boards for the EXORbus, including:

CMS brochures, catalogs, and price lists:

If anyone has additional user manuals, photographs, or other information on any of these boards, or knows of other boards CMS sold, or has any brochures or catalogs, please contact me.

Peter Prossen also did other interesting things:

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