GLDCW - General Ledger accounting program

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The GLDCW package implements a simple but powerful double-entry General Ledger bookkeeping system to run under MS-DOS (or NTVDM in Windows, or an MS-DOS emulator such as DOSBox-X or vDos).

GLDCW features:

I originally wrote GLDCW in April 1993, and revised it April 1996. It was developed using QuickBASIC Extended - Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System 7.0 (aka QBX or PDS 7.0). In February 2021 I started updating the program, doing a major cleanup and adding a few enhancements, this time using PDS 7.1, but haven't finished it yet. I am still using the 1996 version of this program to do all my personal bookkeeping, and plan to keep using it (or the updated version when it is ready) until I die!

This is the second accounting program I have written. The first one was IMS-GL, which I created several years earlier to accomodate the needs of my manufacturing and mailorder business, Sardis Technologies. It could handle parts inventories and parts assemblies, which no low-cost off-the-shelf programs supported properly at the time. It ran on the OS-9/6809 operating system.

icon to link to DSK image file for GLDCW source code and binary -- not available yet GLDCW executable, source code, sample data files.
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