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David C. Wiens
Sardis Technologies
8772 - 206th St.
Langley, BC   V1M 3X2

Tel:      (Pacific Time Zone: UTC-08:00, or UTC-07:00 in summer)

 dcwiens  Just use the
 [at]  left column
 sardis  and ignore the
 [hyphen]  anti-spam
 technologies words in
 [dot]  this column.
 com  Thanks.

(I'm hoping that showing my e-mail address this way will reduce the amount of spam I receive -- it seems to be helping.)

Please let me know if you find any incorrect information on my web site, or if you have suggestions for improvement. (There will be some dead links until I have finished creating and uploading all my pages and other files.)

(In 1979-1998 my address was 2261 East 11th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5N 1Z7, and my phone number was 604-255-4485.)

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