Sardis Technologies KwikGen OS-9 Boot File Editor

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KwikGen lets you quickly modify an existing OS9Boot file, by reading the file into its in-memory edit buffer, performing all editing operations on that buffer, then writing the file back to disk.

KwikGen features:

I was inspired to write KwikGen when I was investigating the so-called "Boot List Order Bug", aka the BLOB:  [1] [2] [3].  Some people noticed that the order of the modules in the OS9Boot file seemed to make a difference, and in some cases caused the OS-9 system to malfunction. But using OS9Gen or similar utilities to modify the OS9Boot file in order to try different sequences was too time-consuming, especially on a system with only floppy disks. By doing all the editing in a memory buffer, KwikGen can create a new OS9Boot file much faster.

I later licensed KwikGen to Wes Gale of Gale Force (see ad), who then sold it as a separate product (see review) for several years. In August 2010 I gave him permission to include it in the NitrOS-9 project.

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Ad in Rainbow magazine (August 1992) (183KB .png), review in Rainbow magazine (August 1992) (286KB .png).

KwikGen User's Manual.
(not available yet)
(??MB .pdf scanned image)
DSK image (35T/SS/DD CoCo OS-9 format) of KwikGen source code (in Microware assembler format) and binaries.
(not available yet)
(??KB .zip)

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